Statement on Aleppo from Help Me Go Home

December 14, 2016 – Washington, D.C. – The Help Me Go Home Campaign released the following statement on the continued bombing of Aleppo, Syria and the targeting of civilians by the Syrian government and Russian forces.

“The U.S. government and its European allies continue to turn a blind eye to the genocide that is occurring in Aleppo and throughout Syria. This is not just a refugee crisis, this is a crisis rivaled in its grotesque disregard for human life and dignity only by the Nazi march of power through Europe in World War II. While children around the world will go to sleep this holiday season wondering if Santa will be coming down the chimney, Syrian children will be wondering if today is the day that a bomb comes down theirs. 

"We cannot allow this genocide to continue. We cannot allow the execution of children and targeting of schools and hospitals (any that are left) to continue. We cannot allow for families to be driven out of their homes to gain refuge only to be killed in the streets of Aleppo. 

"President Obama has an opportunity to define his legacy either as the savior of the Syrian people or the man whose inaction led to the genocide of the Syrian people. If international leaders will not institute safe zones throughout Syria, President Obama must use his position as leader of the free world, to protect the Syrian people. Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry, along with leaders on both sides of the aisle, have advocated for the creation of safe zones and, if they had been developed and enforced years ago, an entire generation of Syrian children may still be alive. The time is now to protect the children of Syria with safe zones.”

About Help Me Go Home

Help Me Go Home is an international campaign to institute safe zones throughout Syria to protect the Syrian people and allow for a diplomatic resolution to the Syrian civil war. It is a non-partisan, nonprofit 501c3 organization led by Ambassador Paul Russo, conservative commentator and author S.E. Cupp, and Syrian-American immigrant Nora Barre.