Petition for immediate intervention in Syria

Mr. President - 

The genocide in Syria has led to hundreds of thousands of Syrians killed, more than 50,000 of them children. And now, as Syrians abandon their homes to flee the bombs and chemical attacks coming from Russia and their own government, they are being massacred in the streets, their bags lying beside them with whatever they could grab. President Obama, despite the recommendations by both of his Secretaries of State, more than 50 U.S. diplomats, and leaders of both political parties, refused to take a leadership role in saving the Syrian people. Now we look to you for leadership. 

Your legacy may well be defined by what you do, or don’t do, over the next few months of your Presidency. If you stand up against the Assad regime and Russia’s bombs, your legacy will be that of a savior of the Syrian people

Mr. President, its time to use your leadership on the world’s stage to stand up for the children and families of Syria who just want to stay safely in their homes. We petition you to create safe zones, along with America’s allies in the region, that will allow Syrians to stay in their homes and avoid becoming refugees, or worse, casualties of a genocide to which America has so far turned its back. 

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